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13 Steps To Building A Better Guest Experience Dashboard

The dashboard is any report(s) you generate that show you an aggregate scoring in any performance area…P&L, sales, mystery shopper, service, 800 surveys, etc. They need to include the most critical variables and context in order to determine how well you are doing, relative to past performance.  So to that end, when measuring the guest experience, here are some of the most critical issues to include when you want to best understand how you are doing.

  1. Map out your current marketing position and any existing strategy and tactics in use.
  2. Map out your target market.
  3. Map out your point(s) of differentiation (Meaningfully Differentiated Value – MDV).
  4. Build your story.
  5. Map your current experience from every guest and staff touchpoint, guest and staff  perspective as well as every line item on the P&L.
  6. Measure your current guest experience levels through a Voice-of-the-Guest (VoG) program.
  7. Measure your current employee experience levels through a Voice-of-the-Employee (VoE) program.
  8. Look for touchpoints in both, where you can significantly add MDV to each experience.
  9. Analyze guest and employee feedback to understand all sets of expectations – yours, your staff’s and the guest’s.
  10. Embrace the cultural change necessary to add an MDV perception to the guest experience.
  11. Coach and inculcate staff with the understanding necessary to be successful with the new strategy and tactics.
  12. Measure your effectiveness using your VoG & VoE programs. Revise your story in terms that facilitate your guest’s perceptions of your brand.
  13. Wash, rinse, restart.

You Have Two Options:

  1. Grow your business.
  2. Make excuses.

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