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Gaining Better Perspective

Everything we do, we do to best our clients condition. That is our only goal in business. But to that end it’s important to be able to provide the necessary context, reasoned analysis and understanding in order achieve truly remarkable outcomes. This is why we write and give speeches and presentations all over the country about the need for the best perspective.

Ideas are good. With them you can do amazing things. Without them, you cannot. However, it’s not about just having ideas – anyone can do that. It’s about having the right ideas, at the right time, with the right resources available to you, achieved using the proper context,  in order to be able to truly leverage those right ideas into growth and long-term success.

Now we make no bones about it, we think some ideas are best than others. Most downright stink and some really are brilliant (even though we think that word is overused just for the sake of polite conversation) and some are simply “ok”.

Does everyone have the ability to contribute? Of course. Do they do so in a more intelligent and meaningful way? Not always and in fact, I would argue that, given the growth of social media (where everyone is an expert) this is becoming an even more rare occurrence. Which is why it is imperative that you begin to think deeper and on a more complex and sophisticated level about the issues you face in your business. Nothing in our business is that simple that it doesn’t require critical thinking. Superficial thinking will give you a mediocre business or worse.

Is it possible to overthink issues? Absolutely, but that’s where experience comes in and helps provide context.

The best ideas and perspective come from those who have practical experience in successfully doing what it is you want to do. Otherwise it’s only theory or worse.


We have written over 1,000 articles and given dozens of interviews and speeches, most of which have been featured in numerous industry websites, magazines, newsletters, blogs and forums including:

  • Alltop
  • QSR Magazine
  • Pizza Today Magazine
  • Forbes
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • The New York Times
  • Smart Money Magazine
  • Fast Casual Magazine
  • Nation’s Restaurant News
  • Restaurant Business Magazine
  • Restaurants & Institutions Magazine
  •  USA Today
  • Restaurant Startup and Growth Magazine
  • American Express’ Briefing Newsletter
  • State Restaurant & Hotel Associations
  • Sante Magazine
  • Chamber’s of Commerce
  • …and many more!

You Have Two Options:

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