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Building Better People

We don’t believe you build best bartenders or best servers, we believe you hire best people then train and coach them to be best leaders and followers. Using our programs, we can help you build best people, who will become best managers, position players or multi-unit executives through best training and coaching that can achieve Better Results:

  • Define and increase employee engagement
  • Attract best employees
  • Create a culture of high performance and engagement
  • Decrease turnover and increase retention
  • Save you money by investing your labor dollars more efficiently
  • Develop and execute higher levels of hospitality
  • Thus increasing guest loyalty, sales and profits

Attract Better Talent

We work to help you attract, hire, train & coach your hourly staff, managers or multi-unit managers. Whether it’s initial training for newly hired employees or M.I.T. (manager-in-training) programs for your managers or coaching for your multi-unit leaders, we will help you establish the programs and support necessary to provide your greatest resources with the tools to succeed.

SHG® works to help you understand and execute on the six fundamental areas of building Better People:

  1. Recruitment & Retention
  2. Assessment & Evaluation
  3. Compensation & Benefits
  4. Performance Management
  5. Learning & Development
  6. Succession Planning

You Have Two Options:

  1. Grow your business.
  2. Make excuses.

Our powerful business programs are about helping you and your business master the fundamentals and create positive,
long-term opportunity. No other program(s) offers more value with the immediate impact or greater ROI than ours.

Books, articles and DVD’s can create awareness, but only Coaching can create the level of impacting and sustainable change necessary to grow your business.

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