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Give Them World-Class Coaching

Attracting & hiring best talent just means you’re off to a great start. You now need to provide them with best training, Coaching,  leadership, systems, processes and other tools in order for them to achieve a higher level of performance and engagement. That’s where an investment in those areas can help you create a significant point of differentiation for your business. Our Coaching programs can help you create and Coach that difference to give your managers, staff or executives the tools necessary to grow your business.

Our programs can help you create and manage expectations and outcomes using our successful experience in over 30 years of training and coaching hourly employees, managers and multi-unit leaders.

We hold individual or group training and coaching sessions for all areas of your business or hotel, at your location or ours.

Areas include both:

  • Staff Coaching and
  • Leadership Coaching

Training Solutions have included:

  • Menu Engineering Workshops
  • Social Business Workshops
  • Leadership Workshops
  • Manager-In-Training [MIT]
  • All hourly staff positions,
  • Service & hospitality,
  • Cost Controls
  • Local Store Marketing
  • Any other areas in which you need to set expectations higher and achieve more.

You Have Two Options:

  1. Grow your business.
  2. Make excuses.

Our powerful business programs are about helping you and your business master the fundamentals and create positive,
long-term opportunity. No other program(s) offers more value with the immediate impact or greater ROI than ours.

Books, articles and DVD’s can create awareness, but only Coaching can create the level of impacting and sustainable change necessary to grow your business.

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