Business Audits

The first step in taking you and your business to the next level (or even the 1st level), is to know exactly what your reality truly is.

  1. What really are the issues with guests? staff? vendors? your market?
  2. Where do you stand today and what must be done to achieve the level of success you desire and deserve.

That’s where the first step is always an OnsiteReviews™.

OnsiteReviews™ is the SHG Business Audit process. This is a highly detailed and specific analysis of any or all areas of your business: cost controls, operations, hospitality, production, labor, sales, marketing, financial performance, strategic planning and any other area in which you need quick and fundamentally solid plans for improved performance.

The Process

We will come in to your business and scrutinize it from top to bottom and side to side to uncover every opportunity possible for you. We also look at your market and analyze potential strategies for you to leverage.

There are three options depending on your need.

  1. An intense 2-3 day event (single issue area),
  2. 1 week event (entire business operation) or
  3. 2-4 week situation (entire market or business feasibility analysis)  that includes, multiple units, managers, staff, guests and you, the owner/operator and will more than pay for itself in just the first week you begin to implement the recommendations.

We will arrive the day before and begin early the next morning to:

  • Observe your operation throughout all of the dayparts you service,
  • Analyze financial outcomes,
  • Interview staff, managers and guests
  • Review past marketing efforts and outcomes,
  • Review your local-store-market potential, then
  • Submit our written report to you within 72 hours, and
  • Be available by phone to answer any questions or explain any part of the evaluation, at any time.
  • If desired, we will outline the change effort for you, using our programs and services.

Areas addressed during OnSiteReviews™ include:

  • Operations
  • Startups
  • Culture
  • Hospitality
  • Social Business
  • Leadership
  • Leases
  • Culinary
  • Marketing
  • Profitability
  • Sales
  • Talent
  • Any additional area or issue you need addressed specifically.

This is not about changing anything just for the sake of change, but to dispassionately analyze what needs to take place in order for you to realize your success goals, given the strengths of both you and your business.

100% of the investment you make in OnSiteReviews™ is deducted from any subsequent Coaching or Consulting program you choose, however, you are under absolutely no further obligation.

Some of the Business Audits we have done include:

The Startup Audit


More than just a site location study, this involves the gathering and analysis of a great deal of information necessary to make an informed decision about the potential success of a specific concept in a specific or geographical location.

Startup Audit is a smart “minimal investment” before you potentially spend hundreds of thousands of dollars developing your business. A Startup Audit Minimizes YOUR RISK.

What is included?

  1. Research the Market Area – This research is conducted to investigate the market area surrounding the business site.  The goal is to establish a feel for the area and gather data that will help determine the future success of the twp business concepts.  We will include a complete demographic study of the selected geographic area(s).
  2. Survey Potential Competitors – The purpose is to identify and investigate all businesss in the market area that may affect the business (s) operation. The information gathered will be used to analyze the site from the perspective of potential competition.
  3. Analyze the Selected Site – We will determine, based on the market characteristics and competitive business survey, whether the market area for a particular site could potentially support a new business, and if the proposed concepts would flourish at the location.
  4. Develop a Preliminary Restaurant Concept – A written description of the concept and menu with preliminary price points will help us visualize the business in relation to market conditions and direct/indirect competitors. This will also aid us in determining how the business may be positioned. A conceptual menu will also be included. The concept development portion of this study is a methodical process. The concept must meet the needs of the client and must be positioned for financial success as stated in the financial section.
  5. Construct a Preliminary Pro Forma Financial Statement based on projected business sales and fixed/variable costs. This will also include estimated capital requirements for development, projected uses of cash, sales and labor projections, cash flow projection, break-even analysis, and five-year sales/profit projections.
  6. The Opening Timeline. This is the document that outlines every single action to be taken during the pre-opening phase and when it should be done.

See also:

The Leadership Audit

The Leadership Audit is the in depth look at your leadership team’s effectiveness and ability to strategically plan and execute on your business goals and objectives.

We arrive onsite and spend one day per manager evaluating their individual and team effectiveness. At the end we conduct a debrief with them individually and as a team, laying out an action plan for each in order to set them up for future success.

The review can cover all levels of leadership: unit, multi-unit and executive.

This is an intense and honest look at the issues and opportunities your managers and your management team face along with a powerful 90-day Action Plan for understanding their strengths & opportunities and then preparing a plan for on-going education, training & coaching in order to realize higher performance and outcomes. We also include a 360° review that includes both managers and staff.

This program is designed to help the operator understand the operational strengths and opportunities of each manager and their management team before:

  • undertaking new growth projects such as additional business openings or
  • when poor performance needs to be addressed

This program is best when followed up with our Coaching Solutions program, either for an individual manager or the entire team.

The Culinary Audit


The Culinary Audit is another tool in the PerformanceWorx tool box. It is designed to analyze the food production process in your foodservice operation to determine how to achieve increased efficiencies and lower costs.

We look at all steps in your food production process and procedures from the vendor to the table to determine how to maximize productivity and margins. We also analyze:

  • Staffing
  • Systems & Procedures
  • Sanitation
  • Station Functions & load
  • Performance – productivity
  • Food Production
  • Ordering & Inventory Management
  • Prep Procedures
  • Equipment layout & design
  • Flow
  • Vendor relations & product sourcing
  • Organization
  • Plate Appearance
  • Expediting
  • Delivery Procedures
  • Refrigeration and Holding
  • Labor Analysis
  • Manpower Planning
  • Training & coaching
  • Hiring practices
  • Cleanliness-Sanitation/Health
  • Culture
  • Competitive Analysis
  • and much more…

Our audit culminates in the preparation of an action plan to address inefficiencies and take advantage of opportunities for both cost savings and profit maximization. We conduct employee and guest interviews to determine engagement with both existing and proposed procedures.

The Culture Audit



You don’t have the high-performance staff you need to grow your business long term. Your staff seems disengaged from your values and business objectives. They don’t have as much fun as they should and they are subsequently moody, irritable, just don’t smile, and consistently don’t take their jobs seriously enough and underperform. They come and go more now than ever and your retention rate is lower than you need in order to realize your long term success plans. And you know all of this has a terrible effect on the guest experience too which kills your top line!

What do you do to not just turn it around but to innovate your business’s ability to attract, hire, Coach and keep the best talent for your business so that these problems don’t become your competition’s opportunity?

We know and believe you need to get beyond simple employee satisfaction and actually get them engaged in the process of driving your business forward. This is an intense and honest one week look at how your business attracts, hires, trains, Coaches and rewards the people who are charged with growing your success.


Step #1: We delve into the issues behind what’s holding your staff back from becoming the most important marketing tool for your business. We conduct multiple interviews with staff, managers and even guests in a one-on-one basis, to determine the factors that need to be addressed if you are to create the best possible culture for your business. These include attitudes, relationships and expectations in areas such as hiring, training and Coaching, guest relations, job performance and satisfaction, management-staff relations, communication, growth potential and company expectations.

Step #2: We observe your staff in action during multiple dayparts to determine your current performance culture as well as a baseline from which to measure your level of potential improvement and future outcomes. We look at both the production and service staff.

Step #3: We then take the information we get from these powerful and meaningful interviews and observations and help you create the best, most innovative and proactive engagement strategy for your business’s most important resource.

Step #4: We create the necessary and extremely important programs and systems to measure, track and address both current and future issues before they have a negative affect on your business.

If you have multiple businesses, we address each one individually and collectively and create both unit-level and company-wide strategies.

This program allows you to not only solve existing problems but to innovate through them to your advantage in developing a more proactive and systemic approach to managing your talent and the issues you both must face as you grow your successful business.

The Hospitality Audit


The Hospitality Audit™ is another resource in the operator’s toolbox. It is an intense and complex look at the execution of your critically important, hospitality program.

We complete a 3-5 day long look at how you deliver on your brand promises to your community, staff and guests, Then we create a detailed plan to take your existing hospitality model to the next level.

We believe that the level of the hospitality experience you deliver is directly correlated to your ability to understand, plan, hire, train and coach your managers and staff to deliver it as well as the businesses attitude toward how critical the hospitality experience is in creating long-term loyalty with all stakeholders and thus the long-term success of the business. Your product is the guest and employee experience.

We look at and analyze:

  • hiring and staffing practices
  • management coaching practices
  • competitive analysis
  • existing levels of hospitality experience among staff and managers
  • training programs and resources
  • service model(s)
  • guest and employee expectations for your brand
  • and much more…

We utilize guest and staff interviews, observational analysis and VoG & VoE resources available as well as a market & competitive analysis in order to construct a detailed plan on how we can help you design and support a guest experience that offers meaningfully differentiated value to the guest, the employee and the community in which you live and work.

The Social Business Audit


Just like any other piece to your marketing puzzle, you first have to understand the strategic nature of it. This includes the who, what, when, where, how and why of the piece(s) under consideration. Social Business is no different. But unlike most other marketing efforts, SB if executed poorly, can leave you worse off than it was before – much worse. Which is why you have to get the strategy right to begin with. This is where the Social Business Audit comes in.

What The Social Business Audit Does

We look at your entire social presence from website(s) and social media platforms to marketing and from your culture and hospitality to your vendors and community, to give you an analysis of its effectiveness in driving traffic, sales and profits. We look at:

  • How ready you and your business are to really engage in social business.
  • What you are currently doing to engage your guests, employees and community?
  • Who you are engaging and are they the right target market.
  • How to best define your SB strategy.
  • What your current and future potential risks are.
  • What your current goals are as well as the metrics you use to determine your level of success.
  • Your businesses social media policies.
  • How well you are executing your current efforts.
  • How effective your current efforts reflect your positioning and credibility.
  • Whether the platforms you have chosen are the right ones for your guests.
  • How effective you are in supporting new and existing guest relationships.
  • The types of conversations your guests are having vs. those they should be having.
  • Your effectiveness in telling your story and having it retold by your guests to drive Word of Mouth (WOM).
  • How engaging your business is with your guests. Are you just using old tactics with new media?
  • How effective you are in driving sales and profits with your current efforts. (What’s the ROI?)
  • Opportunities for you to recalibrate your efforts to increase their effectiveness in achieving your business goals.
  • How big a piece of your overall marketing mix should Social Media Marketing be right now.
  • A host of other questions and scenarios.

What you will have after the audit is complete, is a picture of where your business stands in the minds of your guests, in terms of the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts. Basically, it helps you determine your SM ROI and lays out for you, a road map for recalibrating your efforts to more successfully engage your guests to the point of increasing your sales and profits.

What The SBA Doesn’t Do.

While the audit is the best tool to best understand how effective your social media marketing efforts are. It does not do several things.

  • It can’t help you if your business isn’t delivering on the promises you’re making through social media.
  • It can’t solve your engagement or ROI issues in a day.
  • It can’t give you the ‘magic bullet’ that will gloriously lead you down some ‘yellow brick road’.
  • It can’t help you be more engaging if you or your businesses culture really aren’t.
  • It can’t solve your guest experience issues.
  • It can’t create raving fans or relationships.
  • It can’t define the proper tactics for you to engage in if you do not have the right (or any) strategy in place.
  • It can’t make you a SM Superstar overnight.

Social Media Marketing has tremendous potential for helping you create a more successful food service business. But it requires a complete and credible strategy in order to achieve the level of effectiveness and ROI that you need for long term outcomes as well as helping you understand and avoid major mistakes that can cripple and even kill your business.

Now’s the time to start the process or stop and take a really honest look at how well your SM strategy is working for you. You have absolutely nothing to lose – except more wasted marketing dollars and future business.

The Details:

You have two (2) Options:

  1. A single audit of your business (no site visits).
  2. An audit of your business that includes up to three (3) of your direct competitors.

*For multi-unit operations, a 2-day site visit is required to interview key stakeholders.
*The timeline for completion is dependent on how long it takes to interview all stakeholders involved in the businesses SMM efforts (availability) and the return of all questionnaires. Normally this can take between 2-4 weeks – longer for multi-unit operations.

You Have Two Options:

  1. Grow your business.
  2. Make excuses.

Our powerful business programs are about helping you and your business master the fundamentals and create positive, long-term opportunity. No other program(s) offers more value with the immediate impact or greater ROI than ours.

Books, articles and DVD’s can create awareness, but only Coaching can create the level of impacting and sustainable change necessary to grow your business.

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