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Are you at the end of your rope? Are you desperately needing answers to your business problems and wish you could just start over in some places? Well now you can!

1st Option: “The Intervention.” 12 days (two weeks) of an entire SHG® team (culinary, business, service, marketing, etc…) that will come to your location and work with you and your staff to restore order to or give you the boost you need in order to either get back on track or take your business to a whole new level!

2nd Option: The Business Audit - A full week, going over every area with you (the operator). We will create an action plan for you to recalibrate your business, complete with a timetable and anticipated ROI.

There is no area within your operations we will fail to affect positive change in! We guarantee it!

How it works.

  1. You call us to discuss your opportunity and then together, we create a plan that includes the areas you need worked on the most.
  2. I assemble my team to do the job and plan the “when”.
  3. We show up for a full two week’s work at your business! Further analyze the “how”.
  4. We roll up our sleeves and get to work!

We will also include 6 months of our “Professional Coaching” program for you to help keep the change going within your business and your people.



Our powerful Coaching programs are about helping you and your business master the fundamentals. This unleashes the resources necessary to create meaningfully, differentiated value for the guest, staff & your business. No other program offers more value with an immediate impact or greater ROI.

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 How Can We Help You Build A Better Business?