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Manager-In-Training [MIT]

SHG© offers a week long M.I.T program for operators who need to give their managers a powerful immersion into the fundamentals of business or hotel operations. We’ll customize a program for you that covers everything from attracting “A” level talent to cost controls to shift management and more.

Restaurant Manager
MIT 1 Fundamentals

  1. Shift Management
  2. Guest Experience
  3. Financial Controls/P&L
  4. Sales
  5. Culinary
  6. Equipment/Physical Plant
  7. Talent Management
  8. Marketing
  9. Hospitality
  10. Position Training
  11. Specific Issues Related To Your Business & More

Completely Customized For Your Needs

These customized week long sessions will be held at your location, at any time and are designed to fit your individual company’s needs and goals. They also include classroom, onsite observation and practical experience.

There is no program more powerful than this one for setting your people up for success!

Different formats have included:

  1. Separate MIT1 and MIT2 sessions. These are held at different times based on the experience of the participating managers.
  2. MIT1 covers all of the fundamentals.
  3. MIT2 covers more advanced subjects.
  4. A more basic but intense one or two week session that covers both MIT1 and MIT2.
  5. Any combination of experience and material that best fits your specific business needs.

Hotel Manager
MIT 1 Fundamentals

  1. Guest Satisfaction
  2. Financial Controls/P&L
  3. Operating Efficiency
  4. Talent Management
  5. Sales & Marketing
  6. Revenue Management
  7. Product & Service Standards
  8. Preventative Maintenance Programs
  9. Budget Preparation
  10. Action Planning
  11. Specific Issues Related To Your Business & More

All MIT programs also includes 3 months of ongoing Coaching for all managers after the initial Coaching week

  1. Attract best employees
  2. Create a culture of high performance and engagement
  3. Decrease turnover and increase retention
  4. Save you money by investing your labor dollars more efficiently
  5. Develop and execute higher levels of hospitality
  6. Thus increasing guest loyalty, sales and profits

Restaurant & Hotel 
Manager MIT 2 Advanced

  1. Leadership
  2. P&L
  3. Local store marketing
  4. Train-the-trainer
  5. Multi-unit management
  6. Advanced training
  7. Public relations
  8. Social business
  9. Specific Issues Related To Your Business & More