Opening A New Restaurant or Hotel


Our Growthworx™ Project Management Programs includes all of our New Business Opening services and is a program for on-site- or off-site services during the opening of a new business, re-engineering of an existing business or for when you have a large project that you need an opening expert to help Coach you and your team through the process that takes your business to it’s next level – or two!

Areas covered by the business version can include:

  1. Concept Development
  2. Design & Build Management – Real Estate, Site Selection. Conversion Feasibility
  3. Architectural Design – Cost Assessment, Schematic Layout, 3-D Site Rendering, Final Architectural Plan Review, Complete Architectural Plans, Mechanical & Electric Design, Plumbing Layout, Signage
  4. Interior Design – Theme Integration, Color Selection, Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment Selection
  5. Construction Management – Complete Construction Services, Bid Review, Contractor Selection, Progressive Field Visits & Inspections, Draw Request Review & Approval, Punch List & Opening Approval
  6. TOH – Business & Marketing Plan Development, Brand & Concept Development, Business Organization and Establishment (Incorporation, LLC, etc…), Logo Design, Website Construction, Sales Programs, Systems & process Design, Manuals, Lease Negotiations, Operations, Policy Development, Site Selection and Lease Negotiation, etc…
  7. BOH – Menu Development & Engineering, Menu Layout & Design, Vendor Sourcing, Equipment Layout and Sourcing, Kitchen Design, etc…
  8. FOH – IT & POS Analysis, Service Initiatives, Staffing – Hourly & Mgmt, Bar & Beverage Development, Training Initiatives, Layout & Design, etc…

Additional areas covered by the hotel version can include:

  • Financial Management
  • People Equity
  • Operations
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Revenue Management
  • Much more…

You also receive six (6) full months of ongoing Coaching after you open to help keep you on course.

We have opened dozens of food-service and hospitality businesses from fast-food, pizza & cafeterias to upscale fine-dining and casual full-service venues and from budget to luxury resort properties for over 30 years. Let me put that kind of experience to work for you now – so that you don’t have to call me later to help solve problems that should have been planned for and achieved in the first place!

New & Existing Growthworx™ Projects Include:

  • Contract Management
  • Business Plan Creation & Support
  • Corporate Foodservice
  • Buying or Selling A Business
  • Catering Solutions
  • Online Ordering Solutions
  • Training & Coaching Programs
  • Cost Controls & Systems
  • Delivery & Takeout Programs
  • New Business Openings
  • Business Turnarounds
  • Business Management
  • Site Selection & Lease Negotiation
  • Restaurant Design & Layout
  • Retail Sales
  • Revenue Management
  • Sales Programs
  • P&L/Profitability Audits
  • Any Additional Areas You Need

You Have Two Options:

  1. Grow your business.
  2. Make excuses.

Our powerful business programs are about helping you and your business master the fundamentals and create positive,
long-term opportunity. No other program(s) offers more value with the immediate impact or greater ROI than ours.

Books, articles and DVD’s can create awareness, but only Coaching can create the level of impacting and sustainable change necessary to grow your business.

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