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This is where you will find, what we consider, critically important links to research, reports, white papers etc… on different issues that impact our industry, which you need to digest and apply to your own business.

  • Analytics
    Three’s Company: The Benefits of Forecasting, Optimization and Simulation
    Researchers from Cornell and industry experts from SAS discuss three powerful advanced analytics applications – forecasting, optimization and simulation – and how they can improve business operations and increase revenue.
  • Customer Loyalty
    Loyalty, Rewards and Value: What Do We Want from Our Customers?
    To reduce customer defection and track their best patrons, many hospitality and gaming businesses include a loyalty program as part of their customer relationship management strategy. But knowing how to strike a balance between improving the customer experience and controlling costs can prove a daunting task.
  • Data Management
    Where’s My Data? Tips & Tricks for Designing a Strong DQ/DI Strategy
    Learn how a strong data integration and data quality strategy will enable you to capture high-quality enterprise data from across disparate operational systems and begin improving customer loyalty, while optimizing spending and increasing profits.
  • Economy
    Preparing for Recovery
    After focusing so heavily on navigating through the economic downturn of 2009, how can hotels and casinos shift gears to begin capitalizing on the impending recovery? Learn how to take advantage of current economic trends and manage future investment and pricing strategies.
    Preparing for Profit – Outlook 2011 and Beyond

    Part of the Insights and Innovations for Hospitality and Gaming webcast series, this session brings back the Cornell University and SAS participants from the 2010 webcast Preparing for the Recovery as they discuss how last year’s predictions for the hotel and gaming industries turned out, the economic and industry climate they expect in 2011, and how to translate the lessons learned during the recession to strategies for growth in 2011 and beyond.
  • Industry Trends
    Four Hospitality Industry Studies You Need to Hear
    Industry experts and researchers from Cornell and SAS present their latest findings on four critical issues: customer loyalty, social media, innovative business practices and forecast performance.
    Tackling the Biggest Challenges in Hospitality and Gaming

    Join experts and researchers from Cornell and SAS as they present their latest findings on four critical hospitality and gaming issues that could spell the difference between an organization thriving or simply surviving.
    The Things That Matter Most: The hottest trends and biggest issues for hospitality and gaming industries

    Join an in-studio panel of industry executives, thought leaders and academics as they discuss the most important trends, challenges and technologies of the hospitality and gaming industries. Also featured are interviews of industry practitioners from leading organizations such as Harrah’s, Wyndham Exchange and Rentals, Sonesta, Kimpton Hotel and Restaurant Group, and others.
  • Labor Planning
    Right People, Right Jobs, Right Time: The Art and Science of Labor Planning
    Labor costs represent one of the largest expenditures in the hospitality and gaming industry. Discover how you can achieve optimal outcomes from your current and potential labor force by implementing strategies that reduce costs while maintaining service levels.
  • Media
    Neilsen, State of the Media, The Cross Platform Report Q4-2011, May 2012
  • Revenue Management
    New Pricing Strategies for Hospitality and Gaming
    This webcast focuses on the latest pricing and revenue management strategies, and how they can be applied to real-world scenarios.
  • Social Media
    Getting In on the Conversation: The power of social media in the hospitality and gaming industries
    Social media has taken word-of-mouth and elevated it into a global conversation, where opinions travel far, fast and furious. Learn how successful hospitality and gaming companies must capitalize on new media trends.
    Drive Profits and Improve Decisions with Social Media Analytics

    This session focuses on how hotels and casinos can turn the social media data they’ve collected into meaningful and profitable information. An expert panel will discuss strategies for using advanced analytics to transform volumes of unstructured text data into insight about operations, revenue and guest interactions that can be shared across the enterprise.
    2012 Channel Preference Survey
    Research is the 14th report in ExactTarget’s Subscribers, Fans & Followers research series. The study is a follow up to ExactTarget’s 2008 Channel Preferences Survey and includes comparisons between the 2008 data and 2012 outcomes throughout this year’s report. To download the report, click here.
  • Service Design
    Data and Analytics: The Blueprint of Service Design
    This Webcast explores how data and analytics can be used to intelligently inform service design in order to attract new customers and remain competitive. Join experts from Cornell and SAS as they discuss new approaches to service design based on data-driven insight into customer behavior, needs and preferences that will ensure an optimal return on investment.
  • Sustainability
    Sustaining a Balance: Green Initiatives for Hospitality and Gaming
    Sustainable business practices are becoming more prominent and important in the hospitality and gaming industries. Faced with limited resources, new governing policies and a growing number of environmentally conscious patrons, companies must determine which initiatives are right for their customers and their business.

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