Tools For Operators

IRS – Independent Contract vs. Employee
Useful information about differences of contract positions and full-time employees; including further references and adequate filling forms..

US DOL Employment Law Guide

Data Breach Laws: A Wake-up Call for HR
A significant new category of employment-related privacy legislation has burst upon the scene: data breach notification laws. Employers need to take data breach legislation as seriously as they take such data laws as FCRA and HIPAA.

ADA Handbook for Small Businesses
The EEOC’s online manual about disabilities.

Answers to Common Legal Questions
A list of links to legal information from the federal government, the Workforce archive, and the law firm of Epstein, Becker, and Green (EBG).

Employers’ Biggest Legal Mistakes
Ten things that can explode into costly lawsuits, unionization and an unhappy workforce.

Identifying and Preventing Employment Class Actions
An attorney discusses what warning signs you should watch for and what steps to take now to avoid a lawsuit.

Sample At-Will Employment Statement
Some language to spell out the all-important message that an employee’s job isn’t permanent.

Sample Nondisclosure Agreement
An example of a nondisclosure agreement that could be used with vendors, contractors, consultants, and others.

Substance Abuse Workplace Kit
Information from the U.S. Labor Department to help small businesses.

Termination Checklist
Two valuable samples of forms used when terminating an employee.

Useful Information on Navigating the FMLA Maze
A collection of articles about the Family and Medical Leave Act

OSHA Recordkeeping Rules
Questions, answers, forms, fact sheets, and phone numbers for more information.

Labor Department Phone Numbers
Here are the phone numbers to the Wage and Hour Division offices near you.

Substance Abuse Information Database
Find information about drug and alcohol testing, educating employees, training and more from this U.S. Department of Labor database.

Legal Links for the HR Generalist
Find links to helpful government sites, publication numbers for important laws, and other handy information.

Federal Background Screening and Drug Testing Laws

Additional Legal Information

State Background Screening and Drug Testing Laws

State Background Screening and Drug Testing Laws

All sorts of people use the Department of Labor (DOL) Web site. Here is a list of pages that workers, students, employers, and our other customers are going to most frequently.

Forms & Resources

The following links lead to government Websites aimed at helping employers understand and comply with federal and state regulations..

Wage and hour regulations



More Resources

IRS Forms & Publications

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