Restaurant & Hotel Branding

Building strong brands is about much More Than Marketing:

Brands are about purpose, about passion, about values and lifestyles. Brands create and affect culture. Brands inspire movements, embrace lifestyles and in the best of cases serve as the glue that binds and gives communities purpose. Brands create connections between passionate guests throughout the market. Brands matter. Brands give experiences and values a concrete identity. Brands give us something to attach ourselves to, share, and give our passions meaning.

Look around. What do you see? Brands everywhere, right? To some extent, yes… But beyond the logos and the marketing and the advertisements, what you are really seeing are people making choices, people choosing to align themselves, their values, their beliefs, their passions, their lives – their very own image – with certain brands rather than others. The key point that many companies often lose track of is the fact that brands, when managed properly form deep emotional connections with people. Guests. Brands differentiate one business from another based on a broad range of values.

Brands carry with them a specific reputation, set of expectations and elements of self validation. Brands ultimately inspire purchase decisions and drive guest loyalty.

When managed properly, that is!pb_branding2

And as luck would have it, the part art, part science discipline of building strong brands is precisely what we do.

We help business & hotel brands (even a one-unit brand!) build strong brands by working with all of the elements of a brand, not just logos, communications and marketing. This is what sets us apart from most “branding” boutiques, studios and consultancies: We understand that building brands from the ground up – and often times helping clients rebuild brands – is much more complex than just slapping a shiny new coat of paint on a rusty hull.

Ultimately, strong brands aren’t just pretty and cool. Brands have heart. Brands have purpose. Brands have meaning. Brands stand for something, which is why they tend to generate loyal followings and strong word-of-mouth movements. The strongest brands fare best than their competitors during economic downturns and usually recover well ahead of the curve. A business without a strong, remarkable, respected brand doesn’t stand a chance in today’s economy (or tomorrow’s!). That’s why we’re here: We are here to help you bring clarity – internally and externally – to your unique purpose, vision, designs, communications, and overall objectives and then profit from it in multiple ways.

Many of the elements of effective branding have little to do with pretty logos and clever tag lines (though we do our fair share of that too):

Purpose: A company without purpose cannot build a brand. Period. We help companies redefine their purpose (or “raison d’etre” as the French would call it) as a first step to mapping brand-specific goals and objectives. Think of it as strategic planning on some serious vitamins.

Design: Companies that ignore the role that design and user experience play in their success typically find their “brands” stalling. We help companies rebuild innovative thinking, design and user experience practices into their model.

Vision: Companies and brands without a very specific vision for where they want to be in a year, three years, ten years can’t ever get there. (There is a difference between vision and direction.) We help companies get beyond numbers and actually apply their financial objectives to their brand strategy to promote… well, growth.

Insights: We help companies gain insights into their markets in a variety of ways - depending on their needs. From metrics and social mention to identifying changing customer needs and shifting cultural trends, we give our clients relevant, actionable intelligence and insights to help them plan their next evolution.

Evangelism: Brands without evangelists are essentially just companies with logos spending too much money on marketing. (Hint: A logo doesn’t make a brand.)  We help companies understand how to gain, identify and engage with their evangelists, then empower them to spread the good word about their brands.

Communications: Much of what we help clients with involves outbound communications, but don’t forget the feedback side of Brand communications. We help companies learn how to listen, how to engage in positive dialogue, and how to create lasting relationships with their customers as well as convey the proper message across many tools..

Marketing: More often than not, marketing – even when conscious of the “message” and “value proposition” of a brand falls short of delivering all that it promises. We assist marketing departments, PR firms, ad agencies and digital designers in creating more effective campaigns and movements for our clients.

If your company is looking for advice or assistance with Brand Strategy, Development or Insights, shoot us an email or give us a call. We will be happy to help you make sense of it all and see if we can help you.