Social Media, The Web & Your Business

Your Website

It is absolutely necessary to create, manage and own your own website (not to be confused with a Facebook page, or a free page on any CMS platform like WordPress or Blogger, etc…). The technology makes it easier for a restaurateur to sell his food in a more engaging way. So for those who own a business, it is also essential to have a gorgeous food website. You can find some of the best designs (we think) made for food website here in our portfolio. They provide you information on the present day menu and the delicious food stuffs available at their business.

They have nicely displayed information on menus, location, reservations, events, offers and history. There are also food sites that are very attractive letting you feel the taste of food right from the website. Cookie sites are animated food sites giving you information on cookies, crackers and other baked goods. They also have recipes which makes sense to cookie lovers. Information on different types of omelets, pancakes and other recipes can also be seen on various sites. It also serves mouthwatering BBQ, burgers, sandwiches and salads. Hotel sites that make you want to get on a plane and go experience a new destination.

There are also exclusive wine sites that cater specifically to the wine lovers and wine connoisseurs. They have options for online ordering and arrangement of large parties. Gourmet websites also are great food sites that display the images of their food to attract more food lovers. They have options for lunch, dinner, specials, party menu, gluten free and so on. Even the burger sites are amazing in their look and feel as these sites look amazing with the image of a mouth watering burger. Other than this, they also provide information regarding menu, location, catering, and their story.

They have started an e-club for generating guest information. You can search for locations by just entering the name of your city.  There are also a few sites that provide exclusive information and booking of confectionery items like cupcakes, pastries and croissants. This design is eye-catching and also easy for those searching cake sites.

The Social Web

Social media can take on many forms. It’s new. It’s exciting. It’s completely different. And for those who are not familiar (and even some who are) it can be a complete mystery. That’s where we come in. We will help you create a completely integrated web presence that makes sense for your business.

We’ll analyze your business and together determine the most appropriate and unique direction for you. We will then design and build each important piece. All the while coaching and training you on not just how to “do it yourself” but to understand and take advantage of one of the most potentially powerful forms of engaging your guests today.

Excellence in designing your complete online presence requires more than sophistication. It also takes patience, experience, and the proper attention to every last detail. Your business is important. And every design used in that business communicates a message, whether on the web or supported in print.

We believe that a professional and highly effective web presence should always communicate the right message to the appropriate audience. We will work with you to achieve a presence that is both simple and effective. Our job is not finished until you are completely satisfied at having taken advantage of this opportunity.

At Summers Hospitality Group® our methodology includes five major phases within a project life-cycle:

  1. Analyze The Business & Establish Your Goals & Objectives
  2. Plan for Development
  3. Organize Content, Programs & Functionality
  4. Create Superior Finished Products That Enhance Your Overall Marketing Strategy
  5. Execute & Support

What does it look like? Well it starts with what we call your “marketing hub” – your website.

An Online Presence So Good It Just Works

Restaurants & Hotels that have a successful internet presence understand the importance of several things:

  1. Providing added value to their guests. Menus, online ordering capabilities, feedback, sales, branding, reputation management and much more.
  2. Supports marketing efforts and business goals. Information, special offers, events, products, services, Gift Cards, Loyalty Programs, email, newsletters
  3. Helps support your Brand efforts. Logo and design, tells your story, communicates your U.E.P. (Unique Experience Proposition)
  4. Provides Buzz, supports community efforts, gains valuable guest feedback
  5. Allows people to find you. Local SEO, Reservations, B2B programs
  6. Grow your loyal fan base through social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and your blog – also, YouTube, iTunes, Ning and any other medium necessary to leverage and support your brand with your loyal guest base.

Our complete website with social media program package features include all of the above plus…

Custom Website & Social Media Program Design

  • Easy-to-Use Navigation
  • Clean & Simple Layouts
  • Cutting edge SEO and search programs
  • Content editing and submission
  • Business email accounts
  • Email database for guests
  • Blog setup (Yes, you need a blog!)
  • Site submission to Google, Bing, Yahoo and dozens of others search engines
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility
  • Social media account(s) setup and design personalization – Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Facebook and Twitter (others if we determine they would add value)
  • Social Media Account Management. We monitor and engage your guests through your accounts using your unique strategy.
  • Social Media Manager Coaching. We Coach your SMM on the best tactics for your company to engage it’s guests using Social Media, that facilitates the achievement of your specific business goals and objectives.
  • An Online Reputation Management (ORM). We find, analyze and measure everything people are saying about you everywhere on the internet (Yelp, CitySearch, blogs, local hospitality review sites, local newspaper, radio and television, websites, etc…).
  • Local SEO programs and submissions
  • 12 Months of Web Marketing Coaching (Get the most ROI from your website!)
  • 12 Months of Added Technical Support (We won’t leave you in the dark!)
  • *Branding Elements (logo, design features, menu layouts, etc…)
    *These services are available but are charged separately and are not included in this package price.

Check out our website portfolio here.

Understanding The Importance of New Media:

Fact: Social Media and New Media gives your business or hotel brand an unprecedented ability to engage with specific guest audiences, build vibrant communities and strengthen relationships with individual guests. This is why smart operators and businesses like yours are trying to understand exactly how to get into the social media space and use new media tools to drive their growth, while gaining a competitive edge in their markets.

But as many businesss & hotels are painfully finding out, being successful in the Social space isn’t as easy as just launching a blog, creating a FaceBook group and starting a Twitter account. New media channels can be treacherous communications channels where lack of focus, poor execution, negative press and mismanaged transparency can spread like wildfire and cause further damage to already stumbling brands.

In order to be successful with Social Media, you need to make sure that the team planning and managing your online engagement has both demonstrated experience working in this space, and practical experience working with the appropriate tools.

We help businesss & hotels like yours enter the Social Media space effectively, first by training your staff, then by helping you develop strategies that will enhance your current marketing, business development and other strategic objectives.

We also help those already active in the Social Media space broaden their reach, measure the effectiveness of their Social Media engagement, and most importantly get real outcomes (the kind of outcomes that actually impact your P&L).

By the way, the question is no longer whether or not you should invest or engage in new media. That decision has already been made by their (your) guests. The channels already exist and are used daily by tens of millions of consumers to share product recommendations, chat about positive and negative brand experiences, and discover the next product or service they will spend their money on.

The now fully mobile Social Web (New Media) is where your guests are accessing and sharing information most relevant to them via their trusted peer networks.

Translation: Your guests are opting-out of traditional marketing channels and opting-in to trusted, personally fulfilling, relationship-based channels.

So the real question is… Are you meeting your guests where they are, or are you still chasing them where they used to be?

Other questions to consider:

Reputation Management and PR: Are you adequately monitoring online chatter about your business, or choosing to leave your online reputation to chance.

Sales and Business Development: Are you accurately measuring the impact of your New Media efforts on guest attraction & retention, net new guest growth and even sales, or are you flying blind?

Marketing and Brand Management: Are you leveraging New Media channels to enhance your Marketing and PR campaigns, or are you still relying only on traditional (paper and broadcast) channels?

Human Resources: Have you created a realistic and comprehensive internal Social Media usage policy for your employees, or are you leaving yourself open to a simple HR issue potentially becoming a major PR problem?

These are only a few of the types of questions and problems we help address for our clients.

More of what’s included in your package, that you won’t find anywhere else:

  • Custom design and layout
  • Website hosting and maintenance
  • Domain registration & hosting
  • Auto responders
  • Opt-in forms
  • Email database
  • E-commerce capabilities
  • Plug-ins
  • Surveys
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo design/Corporate Branding Elements
  • Online ordering and Mobile/Text ordering capabilities
  • Back-up services
  • Customized graphics
  • Installation
  • Flash animation; slideshows
  • Video/podcasts/multi-media

Program FAQ’s

Who will this program benefit?

Hotels, businesss, spas, cafeterias, bakery’s, etc…virtually every type of food service business.


Who will work on my project?

You will have a team of people who will assist in your program from graphic design, website engineering, social media marketing, strategy, etc..


What’s the investment?

Our basic program starts at $1,500 and increases based on the programs you need to create the most effective online presence for your specific business in your specific market. . Call me for a detailed quote of the options that make sense for you. Financing for this program is available for qualified businesses. Ask me about it during your initial consultation.


How soon can you have me up and running?

Usually beginning in 2 weeks once we have all of your specifications, designs, needs, wants and of course the fee or fee arrangements.


Will I own the site(s)/accounts or do you?

It’s all yours. You own it lock, stock and barrel! Of course though, once your support package is up in 12 months you will have to assume that cost or just renew your support program.