Front-Line Staff Coaching

Coaching Is The Ultimate Point of Differentiation

Are you…

  • Looking for a solution to improve the satisfaction and engagement of the employees in your company so that they will work best, produce more and stay longer?
  • Tired of paying for training that provides a lot of information but no specific tools and strategies you can implement right away?
  • Hoping to find a cutting-edge Coaching model to replace your old ways of working with your staff that have failed to produce the outcomes you need to increase productivity and performance?
  • Searching for a program that will provide you and your employees with hands-on experience as well as follow-up strategies to maximize application of the content?

This package is for both:

  1. Small independent, multi-unit chains (2 or more stores) who need Coaching for their GM’s or other managers – or the executive team as a whole. And…
  2. Single unit business where you – the owner – are “hands-off”, but need to supply your management team with real-world solutions, direction, follow-up and support.

5 Key Reasons Why Businesses Launch A Coaching Program & Need My Coaching Skills

On the surface, Coaching is an intangible business process, and its value can be hard to quantify. However, the seasoned veteran and the open minded employee alike value the outcomes that a well-designed employee Coaching program yields. More than two-thirds of Fortune 500 companies are already using Coaching isn’t it time your business joined them?

Here are the top five reasons businesses hire Coaches

  1. Sharpen leadership skills of high potential managers and operators (86%)
  2. Correct management behavior problems (72%)
  3. Ensure success/decrease failure of newly promoted managers (64%)
  4. Correct employee relations problems (59%)
  5. Provide required management and leadership skills necessary to improve performance and outcomes (58%)

Do you want to begin building a competitive advantage now?

Then add a business coaching system designed with your employees in mind which offers the following benefits:

Increased Productivity SHG®© strives for a 10-fold return on investment (ROI) on Coaching

Improved Job/Employee Fit Many employees need objective and ongoing feedback and Coaching is the perfect model for this. Employees who are part of a career and talent development initiative, including Coaching, have a plan for progressing professionally.

Increased Sales & Profits The Gallup organization has documented that companies whose employees are engaged (well matched to their jobs and enjoying what they do) lead to increases in the most critical bottom-line metrics: sales and profits.

Improved Morale & Engagement Employees who feel valued will perform best, stay longer and contribute more both the business ability to drive top line sales and bottom line profits.

Sustained and Enhanced High Performance Gone are the days when coaches were used only to address performance problems. Now Coaches are used to optimize the high performers by keeping them moving on to new challenges to contribute to the business.

Achieve Greater Results in Your Business Through the Leaders of Your Business

Great leaders get great outcomes; without dynamic leadership, businesses will not grow and succeed.

Give Your Leaders What They Need!

Today’s workforce responds to leadership that follows a Coaching model; gone is yesterday’s top-down managerial hierarchy. Today’s successful leaders work with their teams to provide vision and to set goals, as well as to encourage involvement and accountability.

With SHG®© you have the opportunity to benchmark this world-class approach to leadership. I will Coach your team in the fundamental leadership philosophies behind some of the greatest and most successful business brands in the world today and they will understand specifically, the principles that need to be at the core of your businesses strength and be able to execute those principles immediately.

We will show them how to;

  • Interpret the business vision for your team and communicate that vision in a way that motivates action.
  • Examine the culture of those they lead and structure them in a way that maximizes their involvement and performance.
  • Employ strategies that will enable your team to take a proactive approach toward change.
  • Identify the specific leadership values and behaviors that will contribute to their success as a leader.
  • Implement your own action plan so that your vision, goals and leadership development complement one another.
  • Use all of the above to drive the businesses success.

What’s In The Package

  • This program includes the T.E.A.M. Culture Audit™ which is the first step to understanding and developing your action plan.
  • This package is for 6 months of unlimited access to me, so all of your company’s managers and supervisors (as well as you) can feel free to contact me as often as they need to during business hours. An on-site option is available too.
  • I will work one-on-one with your managers – IN YOUR BUSINESS! – for one week each month. Then the remainder of the Coaching program will be conducted via conference call (or email) with you and/or your team – as a group or individually. Once a week the team gets together for the weekly meeting and then we schedule calls with each member individually throughout the week to set goals, follow-up on assignments and projects, check progress, work out action plans, etc..
  • You will need to supply me with a list of eligible managers and supervisors and maintain it as well. Anyone who is not on your list will not receive access to the Coaching Program materials.
  • The price for this package is $12,500. This is the option with no travel component. Pay for 6 or 12 months in advance and receive a 10 & 20% discount.
  • How much would you pay for a GM or a Director of Operations to be able to drive business to the next level? $40,000? $50,000? A year! One year of this program would cost only $20,000 ($12,500 X 2 – 20%) and the ROI is much, much greater. And with our Guarantee!
  • This is the most cost effective means of giving your team the Coaching support and real world answers they need to drive your business to the next level.